DAN STURMAN (DIRECTOR / PRODUCER) is a producer, writer, and director of Emmy, Peabody, and Oscar-winning theatrical documentaries and non-fiction television shows.

Sturman’s recent film, SOUNDTRACK FOR A REVOLUTION, a feature documentary about the music of the civil rights movement, premiered internationally at the 2009 Festival de Cannes.  Executive produced by Danny Glover, the film includes updated renditions of classic civil rights songs performed by contemporary artists as well as interviews with civil rights luminaries and foot soldiers.  SOUNDTRACK FOR A REVOLUTION was nominated for Writers Guild and Producers Guild awards and was short-listed for the 2012 Academy Awards for Best Documentary.

NANKING, a feature documentary that Sturman co-wrote and directed about the infamous Rape of Nanking, was purchased by HBO after winning awards at numerous US and international festivals, including Sundance.  The film was short-listed for a 2008 Oscar, and Sturman received an Emmy and a Peabody award for his work on the film.  He was also nominated for a Writer’s Guild of America award for NANKING. 

Previously, Sturman produced TWIN TOWERS, an Academy Award-winning documentary about two brothers who died in the World Trade Center collapse.  The film premiered at Sundance and received a number of special screenings abroad and in the US, including at the White House.

In addition to his film work, Sturman has more than a decade of experience producing a variety of successful television shows.  Between 2002 and 2004, Sturman produced three seasons of Crime & Punishment, the award-winning NBC documentary series created by Dick Wolf and Bill Guttentag.  He has produced shows for Comedy Central, Fox Sports, VH1, WEtv, and has reported and produced for ABC News, CBS News, and the BBC while based in Los Angeles; for Reuters and NBC News while based in London; and for ABC News 20/20 in New York.

DYLAN NELSON (DIRECTOR / PRODUCER) is an Emmy- and Producers Guild Award-nominated documentary filmmaker.

She produced the theatrical documentary SOUNDTRACK FOR A REVOLUTION, about the music of the civil rights movement, which premiered internationally at the 2009 Festival de Cannes and domestically at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.  In addition to numerous festival honors, the film was nominated for a Writers Guild Award, a Producers Guild Award, a Humanitas Prize, a Grierson Award, and three International Documentary Association Awards, and it was short-listed for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Nelson associate- and line-produced the acclaimed feature documentary NANKING, which won Peabody and Emmy Awards, and was also short-listed for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.  NANKING premiered in competition at the 2007 Sundance FIlm Festival and was released theatrically by ThinkFilm.

Nelson’s feature screenplays include The Wrong Brothers, a finalist for the Chesterfield Writer’s FIlm Project currently in development with Pink Slip Pictures; and Moondance, optioned by DeMann Entertainment.  She is co-editor of the fiction and poetry anthology “Birds in the Hand” from Farrar, Straus & Giroux.  She is currently co-directing, with Clay Haskell, a documentary feature MISSISSIPPI  MESSIAH, about civil rights icon and iconoclast, James Meredith.  She lives in Los Angeles and teaches screenwriting, directing, and film studies at Colorado College.  THE HOLLYWOOD COMPLEX is her directorial debut.  

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